What is ConcertPass™?

ConcertPass™ is an app that rewards fans of live music. All you have to do is download our app, register and start receiving rewards.

What platforms does ConcertPass™ Support?

Currently we support iOS and Android phones.

Can anyone join ConcertPass?

If you are 16+ and in the United States, you can register for ConcertPass™. Please note that a majority of events based rewards have an age restriction based on the venue itself. Our rewards will already have such event info built in.

How do Earn Rewards?

Rewards can be earned in multiple ways. You can immediately enter and win rewards just by entering into the many rewards featured within the app. Just click on a reward and follow the direction to redeem or win those rewards.

When you enter a ConcertPass™ enabled music venue or concert, you will be automatically checked in via the app (as long as you have your GPS and Bluetooth on). Once checked in, we will send you event and artist specific rewards. These rewards only appear when you are physically at a ConcertPass™ powered event. These awesome rewards range from upgraded tickets to VIP experiences, meet and greets with your favorite artists to discounts on merchandise, food and beverages at the show.

How do I earn the really awesome rewards?

We are glad to reward you because you love live music just like us but let me let you onto a special secret. The more concerts and events you attend and check in with ConcertPass™ , the more that we and our artists, venue and brand partners want to show the love. As you raise the through the loyal fan ranks, we will open special rewards only available to the most loyal of fans and their friends. So make sure to tell your friends about ConcertPass™. We like when friends spend time together listening to live music.

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